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Personalising With Pearl Patches

Personalising With Pearl Patches

Pearl patch letters have become an increasingly popular embellishment for bridal party accessories, party wear and loungewear which you’ve no doubt seen whilst scrolling through TikTok or your Instagram Reels.

With a row of faux pearls within the letter and a surround of either AB iridescent, silver or gold coloured glittering diamantés, these patches add a touch of glamour to an otherwise plain pair of slippers, denim jacket, party hat (captain hat), toiletry bag, tote, jumper, hoody or robe. But before you get ready with that iron we’ve got a little rundown list for you to follow to ensure you use the best application method and prevent damage to your patch, iron or item. 


Never iron pearl patches from the top

Your pearl patches have faux pearls and diamantés which don’t bode well with having heat pressed down onto them, and yes, that’s even if you use a protective sheet. Instead, always ensure to iron from the reverse and use pins to put your pearl patch letters in place before turning your clothing or item inside out.

Check the Label

Your hoody, jacket, shirt or accessory should have a manufacturer’s label stitched to it so be sure to refer to this first to check your item can handle the medium heat setting of your iron required to press the patches. It’s a good standard practice to use a protective sheet even when ironing from the reverse. You can use a teflon sheet or a light tea towel and do be sure to turn off that steam! 

Nylon, Fluffy Slippers and un-ironable items

Put that iron away and instead pick up some good quality fabric glue or a strong adhesive to attach your pearl patches. For fluffy slippers you can also use brooch pins, just glue the pins to the patches and you can then pin to the slipper. Using this method will also allow for easy removal when you want to pop the slippers in the wash. For captain’s hats try a hot glue gun, you can also then fill spaces around your patches with extra pearls, gems and stones to make the perfect glittering party accessory!


Caring for your pearl patches

Pearl patch letters, pearl hearts and any other rhinestone embellished patches will need special care to keep them looking their best and to ensure you don’t lose stones or pearls. Hand washing cold would be the preferred method for cleaning and do be sure to keep away the heat to prevent damage or lose the effectiveness of your adhesive.

For more helpful tips, tricks and pearl patch advice our team at Patches “R” Us will be able to help you with your personalisation project. We’d also love to see your creations so do be sure to send us a photo and we can tag you on one of our social channels!

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